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I Can’t Wait – International Remix Contest

Calling all DJs and producers! SIPREC is raising the stakes with a remix contest by strangers from a house minded paradise. Fab Morvan (aka. Milli Vanilli), UK’s finest Miss Mavrik and Bombasquad along with Strangers in Paradise Recordings (SIPREC) teamed up to give music fans a chance to remix one of their upcoming singles “I Can’t Wait” (more…)

31 March 2015 News Read more

Official Music Video – The Drive

From the brains of two UK rising stars DJ EQO and Miss Mavrik comes “The Drive”, one of SIPREC’s hottest releases of 2013. Driven by a mighty bassline, which slowly filters in through the intro along with a bright series of leads. The drop is gigantic, with a deep kick drum and the bass makes the track a rumbling, sawtooth bassline that absolutely shakes the floor. (more…)

19 June 2013 News Read more