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Label: Strangers in Paradise Recordings (SIPREC)

Release date: 2014-03-21

Catalog number: SIPREC1464

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Weak (Original Mix)
Audio Unknown

A dj, a mc and a female vocalist. Dj (John) and MC (Danny) met when touring for their longstanding and successful hardcore project in Russia 2012. Both of them wanted to do something else and they decided to team up with female singer/songwriter Fyona Curvers. Together with her divine lyrics and vocals, Johns experienced producer skills and Dannys creative mind they realized a strong coming DJ act that has gained notoriety as Audio Unknown.

With an explosive style and image. ,,Weak” is the real example of their amazing talent. Great vocals ,a heavy drop makes this release a joy to hear. “Weak” will be for sure one from many electro house releases that will come from these talented edm trio.

SIPREC proudly presents Audio Unknown with some certified ear candy that must be known!