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Running Circles

Running Circles

Label: Strangers in Paradise Recordings (SIPREC)

Release date: 2013-05-24

Catalog number: SIPREC1338

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Running Circles (Original Mix)
Dayo Nasty, Chris Decent
Running Circles (Michel Lima Remix)
Dayo Nasty, Chris Decent, Michel Lima
Running Circles (Herve Pagez Remix)
Dayo Nasty, Chris Decent, Herve Pagez
Running Circles (Martin Falkenberg Remix)
Dayo Nasty, Chris Decent, Martin Falkenberg

Dutch EDM duo Chris Decent & Dayo Nasty have decided to join forces and are ready to kick up a storm with their newest single on Strangers in Paradise Recordings. “RUNNING CIRCLES” is a song about friends in this society today. Every body can say that a person is their friend, but not indentifying if that person is a true or a fake friend at all.

Chris Decent & Dayo Nasty have been producing and playing music for several years. The music of Chris Decent has been described as “Funky Deep Techy” while Dayo Nasty’s sound is more Progressive & Electro. Their style ranges from electronic pump-up, to “last song at the party to go hard to”, to “powering through some work at 2am.”

Famed for their Funky electro beats, progressive styles of editing, and unbeatable energy at live performances are always in for a serious treat.

Remixes are done by Michel Lima (Good News), Herve Pagez (MixMash) and Martin Falkenberg (MixMash).

PLEASE show some love , kick back, turn up your speakers, and enjoy!