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Label: Strangers in Paradise Recordings (SIPREC)

Release date: 2012-03-23

Catalog number: SIPREC1205

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Hornydevil.NL (Original Mix)
Georgio Star, Bombasquad
Hornydevil.NL (R.O.N.N ElectricDiscoPussy Remix)
Ron Carroll, Georgio Star, Bombasquad
Hornydevil.NL (Maroy's Filthy Drum Remix)
Maroy, Georgio Star, Bombasquad
Hornydevil.NL (Danny Mendez Remix)
Georgio Star, Danny Mendez, Bombasquad
Hornydevil.NL (Hak'X Spacy Remix)
Hak'X, Georgio Star, Bombasquad
Hornydevil.NL (Saint Liz Fromage Remix)
Saint Liz, Georgio Star, Bombasquad
Hornydevil.NL (Robby East Remix)
Robby East, Georgio Star, Bombasquad
Hornydevil.NL (Neutralize Remix)
Georgio Star, Bombasquad, Neutralize

The collective Bombasquad are making their way back into the game as they drop a new club banging track entitled ‘Hornydevil’ featuring Georgio Star who is known for his pumping beats, uplifting basslines and filthy floorfilling hooks. Although this is not a single of their forthcoming EP called ‘Tokyo Ground’ which will be a complete surprising Dubstep adventure. Their EP will feature some of the finest international artist and is due to be released this year on SIPREC’s newly founded sub label ‘Strangers on Mars’ (SOMREC).

If we ask the frontman of Bombasquad how he describe their new single: “We didn’t choose life to be different … Life chose us to break the rules ! BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.. We’ll be TRENDSETTING, EDGY and SOPHISTICATED. ”

The track ‘Hornydevil’ brings out your lust which is one of the oldest sins in history, and lurks in each and every one of us. We all have the desire to make our wildest dreams come true and we are all unique in our own special way.

Ron Carroll’s alter-ego R.O.N.N delivered a monstrous filthy floorfilling remix that every DJ would play to almost any crowd. As Ron Carroll describes his alterego: “Welcome to the Raw, Dirty, Filthy Musical alter ego of mine called R.O.N.N”

Other remixes are done by SIPREC’s own Maroy, Danny Mendez, Morocco’s finest Hak’X, Saint Liz and Young kid Robby East.