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Recently Trarius had the single “Going Down” placed in the movie in “Big Fan” by director Robert Siegel (screenwriter for the movie The Wrestler). The movie includes music by big names such as Kanye West and Run-DMC. The track was produced by Hammadi (Ludacris, MTV’s Yo Momma, Rob&Big, Run’s House…), but the single hasn’t been commercially released yet. He is currently being featured with Moroccan Hip Hop pioneers H-Kayne in their last album released under Platinum Music, a Universal Vivendi division. Trarius’ latest collaboration is on a House EP with DJ/Producer Soul De Marin from The Netherlands to be released in both the US and Europe.

While staying relevant on the international scene, Trarius never forgets his North Carolina roots. He is getting daily airplay at Charlotte’s Power 98 show – Morning Madhouse – for a remix of the song “Feen” featuring rapper Diktator. Trarius and Diktator are collaborating on a DJ Smallz mixtape to be released the second quarter of this year. He continues to submit music to various commercials, movies, and TV shows such as CSI: Miami.

While pursuing his passion, Trarius has had to deal with the inconvenience of only having being a kidney dialysis patient, but no one could ever tell that this was an issue for him by the way he went about his life. He just kept on smiling and kept on singing, and the dream still continues. Trarius is a man fulfilling his mission. Regardless of the obstacles life throws at him, he’s still grinding. So, thank you to all in advance for being a part of the Trarius experience. Enjoy the ride.

Trarius: “Never give up on the pursuit of happiness! That can mean so many different things according on what makes you happy! Keep pushing, Never stop believing in yourself!”