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Jay Valentine

Jay Valentine



Jordan Gibson, better known as Jay Valentine, is one of the most passionate upcoming talents of Rotterdam. Specialized in playing and producing songs for the ladies, the most important thing for this artist, is to make the crowd enjoy by playing his house music inspired by his Caribbean roots!

Inspired by his favorite deejay’s and producers: Gregor Salto, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano en Leroy Styles, he decided to save money to buy proper equipment. After one year of practicing by himself he got his first official booking in The Thalia Lounge. Jay Valentine’s career grew slowly but surely while his skills and performance grew rapidly. By rocking crowds with his music, he has earned a lot of residencies in several clubs in Rotterdam such as The Thalia Lounge, Club Bed, Corso and The Viproom. In 2011 he got his first international booking in The Bahamas on a cruise ship.

Besides his deejay life, he is one of the founders of Triple C Events. This organization is known for organizing the very successful concepts: “Speechless” and “Dreams and Memories”. By combining his deejay career and his organization, it is obvious that everyone will be hearing a lot of Jay Valentine in the future!