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Chris Decent

Chris Decent


Chris Decent is a man who’s not easy to describe. His perception on life, appearance, style and music is incomparable. He’s always busy developing that layer of coolness and ability that surrounds his person, and this does work out for him very well.

He is also a person with a drive and passion for music and performing that is nothing short of contagious. Every track he releases, every appearance he does is loaded with pleasure and intelligence, and by adding this all up you could say Chris Decent is truly one of a kind.

With 10 releases in 2012, 2 video clips, a feature on Vato Gonzalez’ Army of Bastards mixtape series and over 50 radio appearances, Chris is now ready to take the world on his train to the top.

Are you ready to enter The Funky Train?


Agency: A&G Agency

Email: info(at)

The artist

Nationality: Dutch