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Bader Santos

Bader Santos


Bader Santos has been labelled as talented for a long time and perhaps he still is, but his existence as DJ is growing by the day and already seems to be unstoppable! Bader Santos, to many others known as Bader Slilem, was born in 1990 and has developed his passion for music at very young age. What started as a passion when he was only seven years old, expanded to a fanatical hobby at age 14. Nowadays, he has developed to be a professional DJ who wants nothing but blowing his crowd away with his sublime music style and peerless mixes and transitions.

Except the ‘spinning for a crowd’ part, the young DJ occupies himself with all kinds of other aspects of music. This brings us to the producing of many tracks, which he gradually brings to the audience. For example, he emitted the song ‘’Alarma’’ at early age, which was very popular and became a true hit among the citizens of The Hague. Recently, he emitted the song ‘’El Viento’’, which was rewarded with an official release via Record Label PM-Music. Not even a day later, the track received support by nobody less than DJ Chuckie. Bader Santos is not to be called a petty DJ any longer, you can tell by his experience with stage performances. He has been able to exhibit his skills at a different range of locations over the whole country. This DJ also hasn’t eluded from the many festival organizators; in 2008 he has played his records – in the supporting programme of e.g. The Partysquad, Dj Johan Gielen and Erick E – at the music festival Herfstpop in Rijswijk(Netherlands) where thousands of people were located. His rapid growth as a professional deejay appeared once again in September 2009. Because where he played in the supporting programme on the musical feast Herfstpop in 2008, this year, he attended as the pop festival’s main artist! Bader Santos was in the main programme next to artists such as: Damaru, Dio, 100% Isis and DJ Jean. With a crowd of eighteen-thousand man, Bader Santos, in spite of the cold, knew how to make it a hot night!

Keep your eyes, and especially, your ears wide opened for Bader Santos and stay tuned, for we shall definitely hear a lot from this promising DJ!